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Member Spotlight: Rick Ndiaye

Youfit member Rick Ndiaye has quite a testimony after losing 285 lbs within a year! His life-saving journey back to good health is a prime example of what one healthy decision can (and did) make The post Member Spotlight: Rick Ndiaye appeared first on Youfit Youniverse.

Introducing Fitness Genes!

A lot of us ask ourselves “how do I get healthy?” or “what diets or exercise work best for me”? As we are all different, it’s important to know our bodies and what makes us The post Introducing Fitness Genes! appeared first on Youfit Youniverse.

Mother’s Day Stories

We’ve done the research and came up with the perfect definition of a mother: One person who does the work of 20 people, asking nothing in return. To every super mom that’s out there, Youfit The post Mother s Day Stories appeared first on Youfit Youniverse.