Weight Training for Maximum Muscle Stimulation

Make sure to check for our updates, get your very own free gym membership By Clicking Here Muscle Stimulation Promotes Muscle Growth The best advantage of a Maximum Muscle Stimulation program is it promotes muscle growth and strength, reduces injury, and over training. First it is good to use a  Modified 1 -RM test for each exercise in his or her workout. Modified 1 -Rep Max Test Explanation This Modified 1 -RM Test is a theoretical means to measure a true 1 -RM for each exercise in your workout. This test is safer and does not require that you use heavy weights. The Modified 1 -RM Test will prevent injury, reduces muscle soreness, and is time efficient. The Modified 1 -RM Test results are used to calculate the proper amount of weight overload for each exercise set in the Weight Loss Training Program. We recommend that you take one or two workout sessions to perform the Modified 1-RM Test depending on your workout routine (3-day or split). The Modified 1-RM Test should be repeated ap


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