Dangerous Ingredients You’re Eating And Don’t Know About

Dangerous Ingredients You re Eating And Don t Know About is a post from: Fitness Works Tips & News When shopping for what to feed yourself or your family, you probably take at least a quick look at food labels, and we bet you think you know what dangerous ingredients to look for. We’ve been trained to look at grams of sugar, trans fat, how many calories, whether a food contains high fructose corn syrup. If you examine a food label and it passes all your tests, you toss it in the cart and it comes home with you, eventually ending up on your plate. You probably feel pretty good about the conscientious choices you’re making for your family’s health. But what if your confidence is misguided? What if there is a whole list of ingredients that our government allows in our food, even though they’ve been banned in most other countries? How would that make you feel about what you’ve been eating, and what you’ve been feeding your kids? Mira Calton and Jayson Calton, Ph.D., wrote Ri



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