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Doing Pushups For Fitness Power & Physique

Doing the Perfect Push-up: 

Push- ups are a great way to gain body power, though most of us have trouble knowing the right technique to do a basic pushup. To help you, this article is a guide for doing the perfect push-ups. Push-up is one of those exercises that engage all your muscles keeping them working which ultimately lead to healthy physiques and miraculous strength. Who wouldn’t like that?

What you need to do:

Position yourself into a plank with your hands in line of your shoulders (or a little wider) and face towards the ground. Your feet fingers should stabilize your body weight and your bottom half. Your posture should be as flat as possible to neutralize weight.

Slowly lower your body by bending your elbows and keeping your eyes at least 3 feet in front of you; this helps in keeping the neck neutral. Lower your body till the gap between your chest and the ground is minimal. It is important that you keep your lower body still; don’t let your legs dip. Push …

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