Fitness Gym - Athletic Activity - Six Pack?

No muscle group is more prized at the beach or around the pool than the abdominal muscle. Possession of a “six-pack” can do more for you that just improve your looks; it translates into a solid core that allows you to perform better with any athletic activity. How do you get that six-pack? Here are a few tips to get there.  

Diet right – It doesn’t matter how solid your abs are if you have inches of belly fat covering them up. Look at what you eat and how much you move, and seek to get those two in balance to bring out your abs.

 Exercise the whole body – Too often people focus on particular muscle groups, and neglect working out their entire body. Don’t forget that core muscles include the gluteus and back muscles. Work them too.  

Balance – When you can, add an element of balance to your exercises as a way to also stress your abs. For example, do your bicep curls standing on a half ball or your chest presses while balancing on an exercise ball. All the time you are lifting, your abs are making tiny adjustments to maintain balance. Anytime, anywhere – Just standing in line at a store or social time at a party. Practice holding that position for longer and longer periods.  

Row, row – Exercises specific to the abs other than the traditional sit-up can do wonders. Try the canoe twist. With this exercise, stand upright with your feel apart. Interlace fingers. Let out a breath and bring your hands, arms, shoulders and chest to one side of your body then the other. At the same time, bring the knee from whatever side you are swinging your arms toward up and to the opposite side. At the top of the exercise, inhale and return to the starting position.

 Kick the cat – With this exercise, you want to stand with your feet together and extend your arms out like you were an airplane. Exhale and lift your right leg up and forward. Consecutively, bring your arms forward. You should look like a cat rounding its back. It should feel like your navel is pushing in toward your spine. At the top, inhale and return to the starting position. Try some of these tips and in no time you will have the kind of abs that will turn heads and not stomachs. Try a Free fitness membership in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa or Chandler AZ


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